Moon Of The Night

Moon of the night Come forth with impressions of my love With rest and peace and her My love, framed in the harmony of clouds and light and the night's sky Moon of the night It is I her nobel knight It's time you heard my plight Stare down at me Let beams of rays … Continue reading Moon Of The Night


Listen To the subtle sound of a fallen heart To the rhythm of its beat Listen to the life you bring along The energy it feels around you Hear it Listen To the sound of hastened footsteps Steps fastened to your rescue at the sound of distress Listen To the raspy sound of my 80 … Continue reading Listen!


'When we serenaded that damsel, I could see her butterflies come alive and her heart melt in the beautiful bed of vibrations and auditory pleasure...' I proudly present poem one of our 'Inanimate' Series. Read on and dont forget to drop your guesses in the comments below. There's a prize to be won🙃